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  • address 204 Gravesend Road Willowvale, Harare Zimbabwe
  • phone(+263 ) 242 620 517/8
    (24/7 Support Line)

Panel beating and Spray Painting

We take pride in our state of the art panel beating and spray painting equipment. Our highly skilled employees coupled with our state of the art equipment ensure uniform high standards of workmanship. Our commercial spray booths are capable of containing both large and small vehicles and they are built to specifications compliant to the latest Safety & Health guidelines, suitable for the application of waterborne paint systems.

Fleet Maintenance

We handle all maintenance needs for your fleet and ensure that your fleet is kept running smooth. We provide suspension checks, wheel alignment and checks, vehicle diagnosis and general vehicle maintenance.

Vehicle Towing (BenTows)

At the touch of a button, our towing team will be with you. We have a well-coordinated and responsive towing team and fleet to cater for you when your vehicle become immobile and needs towing. Should your vehicle be involved in an accident and is immobile, should you need to be taken out of a ditch, should you need roadside assistance, we are there to assist you.